Our Approach

Our philosophy at CPW is simple – we are an extension of your supply chain.

We talk, work, and act like we are part of your business.  We don’t consider ourselves your vendor, we consider ourselves your coworkers.

Decision Making

We will not make quick decisions that affect you. We involve your team in decisions that will directly affect each organization. If it is a phone call, video conferencing, or a face-to-face meeting


We are open, transparent, and consistent in our actions. We invite each customer to our office to watch our operations. Take a walk around the warehouse, ask questions, give your input; let us know your comments or concerns.


We pay attention to our customers. We understand that without you, CPW would not be successful.

Competitive Advantage

With the combination of trust and collaboration with your team, we will bring the whole supply chain a competitive advantage.  We promise to build your trust to help your team reach their goals.

Customer Service

We are always here for you

CPW is proud of how we treat our customers.  Our customer service team will jump in and help with anything from a last minute order to an array of reports. We promise to provide our clients with the exceptional service they deserve . As your supply chain partner, it is in our best interest to resolve issues or provide the right information to you in order to make the correct decision.


Dedicated Account Manager

Shipments 480-360

Same Day Shipping

warehouse 480-390

Multiple Distribution Centers

Meetings 387-480

Business Review Meetings

returns 358-341

Returns Processing

portal 480-302

Customer Online Portal

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