Obsolete Parts

Sourcing for obsolete service parts is a time consuming and often frustrating experience for most organizations. CPW recognizes the challenges and obstacles you face as you strive to provide your customers with immediate availability on a wide range of products.

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Online inventory database of over 500 manufacturer’s parts, including manufacturer’s part number, full descriptions, and model numbers.

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Continual stocking of inventory close-out and liquidation lots from major manufacturers, service companies, leasing companies and corporate end users.

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Real-time inventory updates from thousands of vendors and product sources cultivated over 10 years of industry work.

CPW has invested a significant amount of our personnel, systems, and inventory resources into supporting hard-to-find parts requirements. Whether it be strategic acquisitions of obsolete or miscellaneous manufacturer inventory, processing and filtering inventory databases from thousands of vendors for sourcing use, or simply assigning market experts to provide the sourcing support all service organizations need, CPW does everything necessary to find those parts that other vendors can’t. Parts Sourcing is one of our strongest core competencies as an organization. We have an experienced sourcing staff and all of our buyers, salespeople, sales administration, and customer service representatives have sourcing experience so that they are experts within the industry.  Give us a try!


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