Advance Exchange

Purchasing on Advance Exchange Saves You Money

We ship you the replacement unit in ADVANCE and you send us the defective piece in EXCHANGE.

The CPW AE program is designed around the idea of keeping your supply chain green friendly.  Rather than throwing your old technology components away, why not check if you can increase the life of those items.

CPW’s Advance Exchange Program allows you to purchase a new repair item at a discounted rate, in exchange for the defective part (core). CPW will ship out the new part (fuser, hard drive, control panel, system board) to any of your locations at a substantially lower price than you would normally pay, all you have to do it send back the old one.

Check out what a typical AE program looks like:

Recycle-Tech 300-274
  • Saves you MONEY!
  • CPW holds the stock so you don’t have to
  • Minimizes downtime
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Can ship overnight to anywhere in the USA from two bi-coastal stocking facilities.
  • Every AE program is customized per your organizational goals

Even though all AE programs are managed and implemented differently, there are still the same overall functions.

Customer contacts CPW and places an advance exchange order with valid PO # at the agreed-upon advance exchange price.

CPW immediately ships a replacement parts to the requested ship to location with return RMA paperwork attached to the product.

Customer field location receives the replacement spare and immediately ships back the core unit in the same box with the return RMA paperwork that was provided.

CPW receives core unit back from the customer field location within 30 days and the return RMA is closed in CPW system.

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